The DISPAX World 2024 programme is in-development and will be updated at regular intervals.

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Day One: Wednesday 20 November 2024

Theme: Prevention

0915-0945    Opening Keynote

Police Captain Airada Bumroungruksa, Advisor to the Human Rights Committee, The Lawyers Council of Thailand, Thailand

Session:   Cabin Crew Attendant Mindset

0945-1015   Zero Tolerance Campaigns: examples of initiatives successfully combatting air rage

Speaker Invited

1015-1045    No Fly Lists: the state-of-play regarding the challenges of information sharing

Speaker Invited

1045-1115        Coffee Break

Session:   Cultural Adaptations

1115-1125    Moderator Opening Comments

Moderator Confirmed (Subject to Approval)

1125-1150    Cultural, Gender and Regional Dynamics in Unruly Passenger Responses: does one size really fit all?

1150-1215    Revealing the Essence of Cabin Crew Uniforms: influencing passenger behaviour

1215-1240    Regional Case Studies: exemplifying the challenges faced and presenting the solutions implemented

Speaker Confirmed (Subject to Approval)

1240-1300    Panel Q&A

1300-1400        Lunch

Session:   The Blame Game

1400-1410    Moderator Opening Comments

1410-1430    Non-Visible Disability: debunking disruptive myths

1430-1455    Autistic Passengers: behaviours misinterpreted

Diana Nowek, Director, Institute of Nonverbal Communication, Austria

1455-1515    Ain’t Misbehavin’: just lacking attention

1515-1530    Panel Q&A

1530-1600        Tea Break

Session:   Airline Responsibility

1600-1605    Moderator Opening Comments

To be confirmed

1605-1635    Air Rage & Human Rights: protecting passengers adversely affected by unruly behaviour

1635-1700    Do Airlines Aid and Abet Unruly Behaviour?: if so, should they be liable?

1700             Day One: close

Day Two: Thursday 21 November 2024

Theme: Response

Session:   Communication

0900-0905    Moderator Opening Comments

0905-0930    The Simpsons: a tool for dealing with emergency situations

0930-0955    Equipping Cabin Crew as Mediators: communication techniques for active listening, de-escalation and collaborative problem-solving

0955-1020    The In-Between: if de-escalation fails, is restraint always necessary?

1020-1045    Communication with Law Enforcement: guidelines for aircraft commanders and airport police

1045-1100    Panel Q&A

1100-1130      Coffee Break

Session:   Real World Challenges & Responses

1130-1140    Moderator Opening Comments

Moderator Confirmed (Subject to Approval)

1205-1245    Zero Tolerance?: passenger etiquette protocols from the wearing of offensive clothing to the tolerance of alcohol and psychoactive substances and from inflight political protest to racism and xenophobia

1245-1345      Lunch

Session:   Reacting to Violence

1345-1350    Moderator Opening Comments

To be confirmed

1350-1425    Empowering the Reluctant Adult Learner: are our flight attendants keen to be security first responders?

Prof. Peter F Mahoney CBE, Consultant Anaesthetist, IFM, UK and

Krishna Godhania, Conflict Resolution Consultant, FMA Tactical Ltd & Chief Instructor, Institute of Filipino Martial Arts, UK

1450-1515    Ving Tsun: developing emotional skills through martial arts experience

1515-1545      Tea Break

Session:   Restraint Best Practice

1555-1620    Restraint Demonstration #1

Speaker Sought (Airline Instructors from Asia Pacific)

1620-1645    Restraint at airBaltic: philosophy, mindset, training, equipment and techniques