6-7 May 2009, ISTANBUL, TURKEY


SESSION 1 What are the Real Issues Surrounding Disruptive Passenger Behaviour?

Dr Andrew Thomas | Editor, Journal of Transportation Security | USA

SESSION 2 Health and the Causes of Disruptive Passenger Behaviour

The Fear of Flying and the Psychology of Air Travel
Prof. Robert Bor| Professor of Psychology, Royal Free Hospital| UK

The Effects of Medication
Dr Richard Dawood MD | UK

Q&A Session
Dr Andrew Thomas
Prof. Robert Bor
Dr Richard Dawood

Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour In-flight
Susan Quilliam | Sexologist | UK

SESSION 3 Managing and Responding to a Disruptive Outburst
Katharine Ng | Founder & Director of Training, OneCrew Ltd. | Hong Kong

SESSION 4 What Constitutes Disruption?
Sharon Morphew | Southern California Safety Institute
Katharine Ng | OneCrew Ltd.
Nico Voorbach | IFALPA
Chris Witkowski | Association of Flight Attendants

SESSION 5 What Measures can the Airline/Airport Community Take to Reduce the Incidence of Disruptive Behaviour?


Brian Kinane | Security Manager, Emirates Group Security | United Arab Emirates

Group Travellers:
Daniela Wurbs | Football Supporters International | Germany

Airport Operator:
Michael O’Gorman | Vice President of Operations, Winnipeg Airport, Canada

Inspector Mark Callaghan | Sussex Police, London Gatwick | UK

Q&A with Panel

SESSION 6 Passenger Facilitation
Matthew Finn | Augmentiq | Switzerland

SESSION 7 Managing and Responding to a Critical Incident

Case Study: Lufthansa Training

Frederik Hurd | Aviation Safety and Service Training, Lufthansa | Germany

Frederik Hurd | Lufthansa | Germany
Michael O’Gorman | Winnipeg Airports Authority | Canada
Inspector Mark Callaghan | Sussex Police | UK
Ofer Einav | CEO GS-3 Global Security Service | Israel

A Summary of the Day: Matthew Finn


Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Chris Yates | Yates Consulting

SESSION 8 Legislation Affecting Disruptive Passenger Behaviour

Keynote: “Model Legislation Recommended by ICAO for Dealing with the Issue of Unruly and Disruptive Passengers”

Denys Wibaux | Director, Legal Affairs & External Relations Bureau, ICAO

Dr. Sofia Michaelides-Mateau | Assistant Professor, University of Nicosia

Ken Dunlap | Director, Director for Security North America, IATA

Peter Macara | Beaumont and Son – Aviation at Clyde & Co LLP | UK

Nico Voorbach | Chairman (Designate) International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) Security Committee, IFALPA Security Representative to ICAO | The Netherlands

Christopher Witkowski | Association of Flight Attendants/CWA | USA

Ofer Einav | CEO GS-3 Global Security Service & Former Director Security, El Al Israel Airlines | Israel

SESSION 9 Turkish Airlines Presentation

Case Studies: Turkish Airlines Review two In-flight Incidents

Banu Nair | Cabin Training Chief, Turkish Airlines

SESSION 10 Air Travel and Its’ Customers Expectations
Terry Alton | Security Advisor, Bangkok Airways | Thailand

Rochelle Turner | Editor, Which? Holiday

SESSION 11 What will be the 21st Century Strategy on Disruptive Passenger Behaviour?
Diana Stancu | CEO, Safe and Secure Skies | Belgium

Omer Laviv | CEO, Athena GS3 | Israel

Chris Yates’ Take Away

Panellists include:
Ken Dunlap
Sharon Morphew
Andrew Thomas
Rochelle Turner
Nico Voorbach
Chris Witkowski

Philip Baum, Chairman, DISPAX World 2009
DISPAX World 2009 Ends